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My name is Daniela and I’m a 17 year old schoolgirl living in Zagreb, Croatia. Besides being a typical high school student, I have a passion for animals, movies, music and good food (only eating – I cant cook to save my life). In my short spare time I have between after school activities and studying, i can usually be found out with my friends or being bitten by our evil black pet cat.

I enjoy reading, Christmas time and going to the movies – its almost like therapy to me – and usually find it very difficult to introduce myself. Well, that’s pretty much the basic information about me in a nutshell.


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Why I want to study at Oxford or Cambridge (Pt. 1)

I’m back! See, I said I’d be back soon :)

Anyway, since the last couple of posts were a bit more philosophical and not-so-scholarship-oriented (read: random), I thought it was time I got back on track and wrote about the whole point of this blog… So far, I’ve told you about the scholarship, how I applied for it, you’ve gotten to know a little about me, my hopes and my goals. All together, I think I’ve covered most things scholarship-related, meaning it’s now time to move on to the next set of questions.  I’ve met lots of new people thanks to this blog, but was a bit surprised by just how many asked me why I would specifically like to study at Oxford or Cambridge and not some other UK or domestic university.

As you can imagine, there are many, many reasons why I would love to study at Oxford or Cambridge ( btw: I’ll be using the term Oxbridge when referring to Oxford and Cambridge from now on to save some time on typing). In fact, it’s something I’ve dreamed about ever since being old enough to understand what “University” really means. And the most frequent names associated with the word ‘University’ were names such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale… Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been very driven when it came to school and I’ve always tried to do my best . I like to learn and question things (and overthink them ;) ) and even though many people probably won’t agree, I really believe that knowledge is the key to understanding and appreciating the world around you. 

 Different people are interested in different things, but no matter what your areas of interests are, it’s always amazing to see how complex and intricate things are beneath their surface. Like computers for example. I’m not a big computer lover nor am I especially interested in them, but even I have to admit that it’s pretty cool how much work goes into a little microprocessor. I mean, the computer you are on now wouldn’t be working without that little thing. Somebody had to think of it, design it, see what the best material for it is…Or consider literature; all the amazing stories people can come up with and the way they turn their thoughts and emotions into words is fascinating…The detail and effort that goes into these things is just jaw-dropping yet we often don’t even notice it.

The point is, its wonderful to know about the things around you, which is why I learn and try to do my best. And to attend a school like Oxford or Cambridge that have a world-class reputation for academic excellence would give me the privilege of learning with with the best, in an environment that celebrates knowledge at it’s finest. It’s like sending a chocolate lover to Willy Wonka’s legendary chocolate factory – he would have the time of his life.

Oxbridge are also renowned as having world class academic staff.  I have always had great respect for all my teachers both in primary and secondary school, so to be taught by somebody who is a world expert in their field and for them to share me their exceptional knowledge would be one of the biggest honors I could think of. Oxbridge have a history of success and many young people who have attended these schools have not only thrived academically but also grown as persons and went on in later life to make great contributions to their respective communities and to the wider society.

I love my home and I love my country but I know that many young  people like me will never get the chance to study at a world-class university, so if I were blessed and fortunate enough to do so, I would grab the chance, but I would want to come back, to share my new knowledge and experience. Like so many before me, I would hope to one day make my contribution to the community and my homeland.

This post is starting to get a bit long, so it’s probably time I ended part one…if I continue like this, I’ll start sounding like a beauty contestant carrying on about world peace...:P

The next post should be out soon, but until then feel free to check out the Facebook group for extra updates and photos (btw. Big thanks to everybody who joined the group – We’ve managed to get over 1000 members in 2 weeks! :O) Also, BHV’s been putting up lots of interesting offers and events on their site, so if you’re interested, just click on this link :) Who knows, you might find something for yourself too!

Until later!