Welcome :)

Hello and welcome to my humble blog:)

My name is Daniela and I’m a 17 year old schoolgirl living in Zagreb, Croatia. Besides being a typical high school student, I have a passion for animals, movies, music and good food (only eating – I cant cook to save my life). In my short spare time I have between after school activities and studying, i can usually be found out with my friends or being bitten by our evil black pet cat.

I enjoy reading, Christmas time and going to the movies – its almost like therapy to me – and usually find it very difficult to introduce myself. Well, that’s pretty much the basic information about me in a nutshell.


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Well, after spending the last couple of days and countless hours working on the blog layout, struggling with Photoshop and trying to get the drop-down menu to work (which, btw, it still refuses to do), it's finally time to start working on the contents of the blog…starting with posts.

I must say, I greatly underestimated the complexity of the process of designing a website. I never even imagined it would be  this…confusing. It  really does require quite a bit of knowledge, devotion and something I’m not really sure I possess…strong nerves. Really strong nerves . But hey, I’ve gotten this far, so I guess I’m not as shabby as I thought in that department, and honestly, if nothing else, this has taught me to respect people who engage in web design for a living. I mean, if  I’ve been busting my back just trying to organize a simple blog,  I can’t even imagine all the time and energy they put into their work…Seriously, hats down to web designers.

Anyway, as I said, I guess I’m done with designing, at least for now. Time to dedicate myself to what I came here to do – blog. 
Wish me luck!